Welcome to Middle School Math!


Hello! My name is Julie Gnadt and I am the Middle School Math teacher. I graduated from Chester Area High School in 1986. I am married to Markell and we have four children: Kaitlin, Rakell, Isaiah and Jakob. I graduated from USD with a Bachelor's Degree. My majors include K-12 Special Education and K-8 Elementary Education along with a Middle School Endorsement. I have been teaching in Garretson since the Fall of '97. I am currently the high school cheerleading coach which has been a very exciting role. I have enjoyed every year here at Garretson and look forward to many more!

My summers including spending lots of time with my family. We enjoy camping, boating, athletic and church camps, gardening, and lots of ball games! With the closing of summer comes another exctiing and activity filled school year!​​

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Feel free to contact me with any concerns and I will get back to you as soon as I can. You may also leave a voice message for me which comes to my email by calling 594-3451 extention 310.


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 Mrs. Gnadt's Schedule

8:15-8:59 6th grade

9:01-9:45 6th grade

9:47-10:31 7th grade

10:33-11:17 7th grade

11:17-11:47 LUNCH/STET

11:59-12:43  8th grade

12:45-1:29  8th grade

1:31-2:14  CORE

2:17-3:01  PREP

3:01-3:24  ICU


 Grading Scale

​A     100-94

B     93-80​

C     87-80

D     79-70

F      69 or below

 Classroom Rules

​1. Respect Yourself, Others and Property through your words and actions.

2. Follow Directions.

3. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

4. Be in your seat and have materials ready when the bell rings.

5.Do your best work!